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Modern Modular Homes

Modular homes have come a long way in from the simple and modest styles of the past, now available in a rich variety of customized options. The most recent additions to the modular housing market are modern modular homes, featuring the inclusion of architectural design elements, with a number of prominent architects offering their own unique and versatile lines of modern modular homes designs. Modern modular homes offer high-end architectural style with the same convenience, efficiency, and savings as previous modular home styles. From the simple urban lot to the exclusive suburban community, the quality, beauty, and practicality of modern modular homes are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional onsite building.

Modular housing has evolved over the years, moving well beyond its roots in simple utilitarian style to include designs that can satisfy any preference, need, or neighborhood. Those with their impression of modular housing rooted in the rather limited styles and choices of past days will be pleasantly surprised at the versatility and elegance of today’s modern modular homes. The entrance of talented and accomplished architects into the field of modular housing design has made a dramatic change in the industry, giving rise to a new trend in high-end modernistic and contemporary design, with the clean lines and sophisticated design common to traditional modern architecture. These modern modular homes designs are very flexible, allowing consumers an incredible range of options to customize a home to their specific needs. Modern modular homes can be constructed of one self-contained module or as many as thirty depending upon the desire of the consumer and the style and size of the home.

Modern modular homes offer a sturdy home to consumers, built with controlled manufacturing techniques that meet or exceed the quality of traditional site built homes and conform to federal, state, and local building standards. Visibly indistinguishable from stick built homes once completed, modern modular homes make the innovative and attractive designs of modern architecture accessible to a broader range of consumers. The costs of modular building are significantly lower than the expense of traditional construction methods, with more than ninety percent of the work completed at the factory in most cases, eliminating the need for much of the labor needed for onsite construction. Depending upon the distance the modules are transported from the factory to the lot, and the style of the home, the savings in construction and material costs can range from ten to forty percent. The speed of construction is another advantage of modern modular homes, with the time from design to finished home often as little as ninety to one hundred and twenty days, while a home built with traditional onsite methods can take as long as two years to complete.

Modern modular homes have changed the face of prefabricated housing, offering a range of beautiful style options that can be customized to suit a variety of environments, from the fast-paced urban street, to the high-end suburban housing development. The affordability of modern modular homes can stretch the home building budget, allowing the consumer a more comfortable home for the money spent than would be possible with conventional building methods. 

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