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Modular Homes Floor Plans

Buying a modular home means that you, the homeowner, has a wide variety of options to choose from. Deciding if you want an attached garage, a skylight or a front porch are all fun decisions to make, but the best benefit of buying a modular home lies in its floor plan options.

There are hundreds of modular homes floor plans to choose from. Some emphasize the living room area, and are wide and spacious with gas fireplaces and hearths as the center of attention. Other modular homes floor plans make greater use of kitchen space and provide large spaces dedicated solely to wide countertops, kitchen islands and roomy cabinet space to keep all of your kitchen utensils and dinnerware. There is room for big open tile kitchen floors, a large and powerful dishwasher and all the plumbing hook ups you need for garbage disposal. If you want a master bedroom suite with a Jacuzzi, private bathroom and shower, and a private master bedroom balcony, you can have it. The modular homes floor plans that are available can meet any need. And if you’re on a budget, you can get a lot more for your dollar from a modular homes floor plan than you can when purchasing a conventional onsite built home.

Over the last several years, the options available for modular homebuyers have increased significantly. Now a major sector of the home buying market, modular home shoppers can literally design their house to their specific floor plan wants and needs. Working with a modular home retailer, a homebuyer can tell a salesperson what they are looking for in a floor plan, and the retail agent can give a list of available options. Or, a homebuyer can go directly to a manufacturer and ask them if they can make a modular home that fits a floor plan that they have already drawn up. Modular homes now come in multi-story plans, so there is no sacrifice to owning a pre-manufactured home. Built in a factory to your exact specifications, a modular home floor plan might be the best option for you.

Modular home manufacturers understand that every home they build is as unique as each person that buys one. So why not reflect that in their modular homes floor plans? Thankfully, modular home manufacturers have responded to the demand and now make modular homes with dozens of different floor plans. Most manufacturers can produce modular homes floor plans with upwards of 4,000 square feet, or a more modest 1,000 square feet. Whatever option meets your budget and your dreams is the floor plan for you!

Modular home manufacturers work within the different state, county and city codes that define what kind of structures can be built in those areas. By buying a modular home, you take the stress and work away from having to deal with zoning and building codes. By selecting a floor plan from a modular home dealer, you put all of the work in their hands while you sit back and enjoy your new home.

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