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Modular Homes Pricing

Can you really get great deals on modular homes?  Pricing may vary, but there are always ways to snag terrific rates, even if you want to live in a particularly expensive area.  Here are some of the best approaches to ensure that you are left with a little money in your pocket after your modular home real estate transaction.

1.  Try Online Auctions

No kidding – online auction houses now sell modular homes!  In fact, the modular homes pricing that you’ll find at some of the “biggies” are amazingly low (or, at least, they start at incredibly low bid amounts, though they might have “reserves” that are much higher.)  However, in order to avail yourself of this method of purchasing a home, you need to do your homework ahead of time.  Scour the local papers and determine what a good modular homes pricing amount is.  Otherwise, in the frenzy of bidding, you might just pay too much.

2.  Look for “Brick and Mortar” Auctions

Speaking of auctions, traditional auction houses offer real estate on a regular basis, and that includes modular housing.  Look through your local paper or jump onto area auction houses’ websites for more information on what’s currently available.  Again, before you buy, you’ll need to set your personal modular homes pricing limit (so you don’t bid too high) and you’ll also need to see what you’re bidding on.  Make an appointment to visit the modular home for sale before you attend the auction, just to ensure that it’s what you want.  After all, a lemon is never a bargain.

3.  Buy Right from the Seller

Another terrific way to beat the rising modular homes pricing costs is to purchase a modular home right from the source.  You’ll often see “For Sale by Owner” signs littering the front yards of developments, so why not call the phone number on the sign or visit the website that the owner has listed?  That way, you can attempt to purchase the modular home right from the owner, which can translate into fabulous savings for you and your family.  Just think – you could wind up saving thousands of dollars by avoiding the costs of realtors and banks.

4.  Be Picky

Don’t allow yourself to fall in love with the first home you see.  If you want to make sure you get the best modular homes pricing rate you can, be choosy when looking at modular homes.  Even if you adore one modular home, resist the temptation to buy it on the spot.  By being a little bit reluctant to plunk down your hard-earned cash, you’ll benefit in the end.  Too many people go with their hearts instead of their heads, and that can wind up costing you quite a lot of dough.  Instead, be business-like and patient; the perfect modular home at a great price is out there!

By taking your time and doing some homework on modular homes and the modular housing market in your area, you’ll be able to play the modular homes pricing game… and win!

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