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Single Wide Manufactured Homes

With the high cost of existing and stick built homes and skyrocketing rental fees, sometimes finding affordable housing can be a major challenge. People are looking for options that will allow them the freedom of homeownership without having to go deep into debt. One great option to consider is buying single wide manufactured homes and having them set up in an existing park. This option can give young families just starting out a great opportunity to own a home and build credit, while saving money for a future permanent home purchase. Also, for older people who just canít manage the upkeep of a large home, this option gives them a smaller space with the features they want but less work. Single wide manufactured homes are a wonderful choice for many different kinds of homebuyer.

When many people think of single wide manufactured homes, the first thing that comes to mind are oversized travel trailers with metal siding that could be pulled behind a car. These days, nothing could be further from the truth. Today homebuyers have a large selection of lengths and widths for these homes. In addition to the size, both the outside and inside of each home can be customized to suit the needs of the buyer. These homes can be quite basic and affordable, all the way up to extravagant and luxurious. Giving a wide range of budgets wonderful housing options. Todayís manufactured homes are not the type you can hook up to the back of your car or SUV and drag around from place to place, either. They must be transported to the home site by tractor-trailer and secured with a foundation of some type before being deemed livable. This wide range of improved features makes living in single wide manufactured homes a desirable choice for many people.

The single wide manufactured homes today also give you a great range of options for home placement. If you are lucky enough to own your own land, you could have it placed on your property on a permanent foundation for a long term housing solution. However, zoning laws for manufactured homes vary from area to area, so check with your local planning and zoning commission for locally specific laws and regulations. If you donít have a place of your own to place your new home, there is still a great solution for you.

There are many mobile home parks nationwide that accept single wide manufactured homes. These places rent lots to homeowners, making up wonderful communities with great amenities available for its tenants. There are parks that range from very basic lots with water, sewer, and electrical hookups to exclusive, upscale parks offering pools, tennis, community centers and many other luxury features to its residents. There are placement choices for every homeowner and financial situation.

Obviously single wide manufactured homes offer many alternatives for those in the market for housing. Exploring these options will uncover many wonderful homes and communities in every area of the country. Finding a beautiful home and the perfect location for can be an exciting experience resulting in many happy years in the perfect home.

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