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Manufactured Homes Utah


Are you thinking of moving to the west, but worried about housing costs?  If you are, you should consider the manufactured homes Utah builders can provide for you.
When looking for manufactured homes Utah has a lot to offer.  Why consider a manufacture home as opposed to a traditional site built home?  The following chart offers a comparison of manufactured homes and site built homes:


Manufactured Homes

Site Built Homes


Depending on if the home is built to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes or state and local codes, you may be able to save between 25% and 45%.

The materials, supplies, and construction may cost more, but many things, such as the foundation cost, the septic system, permits, water hookup, etc. will run the same amount.

Cost Overruns

Because manufactured homes are built in a factory, you shouldn’t run into any cost overruns.  The price agreed on by you and the manufacturer is the final price.

You may see a 10% to 30% markup over the original housing price due to increased construction time, possible misquotes by subcontractors, etc.

Time Frame

Manufactured homes complying to HUD codes usually take between 6 and 8 weeks for completion.  Due to communication and inspections, manufactured homes complying with state and local codes usually take between 9 and 11 weeks for completion.

Barring bad weather, a on site built home can take between 6 and 9 months for completion.


People often doubt how a home that is less expensive and is built is a shorter time can still be a quality product.  However, manufactured homes are usually built with top of the line/name brand material and supplies in strictly controlled environment, so you can be assured that it is of at least equal if not better quality than an on site built home.

Some builders may use unskilled or untrained laborers in an effort to get a job done quickly or at a lower cost.  This can lead to an inferior product.

When looking at manufactured homes Utah builders should have a series of floor plans from which to choose.  You may even be able to sit down with them and design your own floor plan using computer assisted drawing software.

First, you should find and purchase your land on which to put your home.  Your next step is to get your financing pre-approved.  Once that is done, you can begin looking at floor plans to choose the one you like best.  You will need to get bids from contractors about laying the foundation, hooking up the utilities, and building a garage if you want one.  Once you obtain your final financing approval from your bank or financial institution, you will need to make sure you obtain the proper building permits for your home.  When that is in place, the contractor can begin building the home’s foundation.

If you are considering manufactured homes Utah is a great state with many things to offer.  The land is beautiful and you can purchase land for your home near a lake or mountain.  Utah has a variety of terrain ranging from tall mountains (which have ski resorts) to flat lands, so there is something for everyone.

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