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Triple Wide Manufactured Homes


There are many families today that are large in number.  Whether it is a mom, dad, and a number of children, or a more modified family that has brothers, sisters, grandparents, or parents living with them, these families often have trouble finding housing.  Traditional housing tends to be either too small to fit all the family members comfortably or too costly for the families to afford.  So, what housing solution is there for larger families?

Manufactured homes are a viable alternative for large families.  The offer all the security and safety of a traditional home at a lower cost.  Unfortunately, many people are not even aware that triple wide manufactured homes exist.  When many people think of manufactured homes, they think of the older mobile homes of the Seventies.  These homes were single wide or double wide at the most and did not offer much space.  In addition, they were not viewed as very safe.  They did not hold up well in the event of a bad storm, such as a hurricane or tornado.  Some people even jokingly referred to trailer parks as “tornado magnets” but it was hardly a joke to the residents.  Fire was also another threat to mobile homes.  The entire home could be destroyed in a manner of minutes if a fire broke out, often spreading so quickly it killed the residents if they were inside when it started.

But today, manufactured homes are much more regulated than in the Seventies.  In 1976, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established some standards that all manufactured homes much meet.  These standards included the inspection of construction and materials used and made the homes safer than ever before.  In fact, in 1980, Congress even changed the name.  The term “mobile homes” was no longer used and was replaced with either modular homes or manufactured homes.  The main difference between a modular home and a manufactured home was that a modular home must only meet local building standards as opposed to manufactured homes, which must meet federal standards.

What is available in triple wide manufactured homes?  Families can expect to get as much as 2400 square feet from a triple wide home.  A home of that square footage will feature up to five bedrooms and two bathrooms.  If even more space is needed, triple wide manufactured homes can be set on top of a foundation with a basement, so you double your living space.

Manufactured homes also feature many luxuries that traditional homes do.  You can choose to have cathedral ceilings in the living area, sunken tubs in the bathroom, even fireplaces.  You can have a porch or deck added and a garage if so desired.  And triple wide manufactured homes often cost less per square foot than a traditional on site built home.  You get more for your money and it doesn’t depreciate in value just because it is a manufactured home.  Top that off with the constant inspections the home goes through as it is built in the factory and you end up with a cost effective, quality home.

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