Church Loan
Houston, TX
Refinance & Consolidation of Capital debt.
Mixed Use Building (Restaurant & Multifamily)
San Diego, CA
100% Cashout Refinance
14-Unit Multifamily
Los Angeles, CA
Cashout Refinance
Boat & RV Self Storage Facility
Houston, TX
Acquisition & New Construction
Single Purpopse Retail Building,
Long Beach, CA
Cash-out Refinance.
Retail, Single Purpose, CA
Owner Occupied – Cashout Refinance.
$ 521,000
Retail, Single Purpose, CA
Investor Occupied – Rate & Term Refinance.
Industrial, Multi Tenant
Spring Valley, CA
Rate & Term Refinance.
Automotive/Auto Body Shop
San Diego, CA
Rate & Term Refinance
8 Unit Multifamily
San Diego, CA
Cashout Refinance.
$ 600,000
12-Units Multifamily, CA
Cashout Refinance
PSCL successfully negotiated waiving of Prepayment Penalty
(Saved Client $25,000 in Prepayment Penalties)